6From the club archives:


With the sponsorship of the Butler Kiwanis Club they formed the Mars Kiwanis Club on September 15, 1938. The president of Kiwanis International, H.G. Hatfield sent a telegram to Francis Reiter early that morning. (guess it’s time to see if I can find that telegram and let you know what it said.)


Charter night was held at the Mars United Presbyterian Church. The toastmaster was the Lieutenant Governor, Walter Morris. In attendance were various members of the Coraopolis, Wilkinsburg, Connellsville, and Du Bois Kiwanis Clubs.


Francis Reiter was elected president and accepted our charter and flag. The first efforts were directed toward helping the children in the community. Mars Kiwanis supported local Boy Scout and Girl Scout troups. They also helped with orphans at the St. Barnabas Free Home and the United Presbyterian Women’s Association Orphan’s Home.



The first annual Children’s Christmas party was held, and over 600 children from the local area, along with children from the orphanages, were entertained by a magician and the new Disney movie, “Pinochio”. This annual party would continue for many years.


The Club landscaped the new Mars High School (currently Woodland Valley Church) on Crowe Avenue.  Treesdale Farms (currently a housing plan and golf course) did the work for $187.50. There were 50 trees planted and 49 man-hours charged at 50 cents an hour.

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